Tuesday, August 28, 2007

neckline modification?

I want to knit a higher neckline on this sweater but am nervous about the whole business. I wish that weren't the last thing to knit--I will have to knit the entire sweater before finding out if the modification works or not. My thought is to simply continue knitting and decreasing in pattern using the smallest needle size Has anyone else tried this?

Dallas TX


Rhonda said...

I was considering working an inch higher at the neckline, continuing the decreases. I also would like a higher neckline.

Cheryl said...

Me too....I was looking at the pattern this weekend and didn't realize it was so boat necked...somewhat odd for a winter sweater. But I do like it if I can figre out what to do with the bra straps :)

vasantha said...

I think it is to your advantage that the neckline is done last; just keep adding extra rows, you'll need to add in multiples of four rows to keep the cables complete, and try the sweater on as you go, and then finish with the ribbing.
When I knitted the sweater, I added four rows just to the back, using the short-row technique, and it worked out well.

Kasia said...

I can only secon vasantha opinion. I would keep on knitting it up decreasing until you neckline is the shape you want. Another short-cut option is to check for some pattern, which works the same method but has higher neckline and adapt it from there.

Chris Furuya said...

Look at the advice in the book fitted knits, if you can- since this sweater has a yoke, it probably has decreases at intervals as we get closer to the neck. Just continue the decreases in the same way the pattern tells you to.