Saturday, December 15, 2007

Am I alone?

Is anybody but me still working on this lovely sweater?

Saturday, November 24, 2007


I'm knitting this one in the round, instead of in two panels, but must have forgotten a row of increases along the way, because I've started to cable, and don't have the right number of stitches to divide the pattern nicely! I'm going to try to fudge it, but I've threaded a lifeline around the changed stitches and may end up frogging it back to the stockinette and then trying again.

No picture posted because there's nothing too spectacular to show.

Chris, from Chicago

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Finally Done!

Yay me! I finally finished it. It is a lot looser on the top than I expected so I'm thinking about putting a ribbon through it, or something. The yarn (Swish Superwash from KnitPicks) is incredibly soft after I washed it. I will be using this yarn again.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Front & A Back

With 2 pieces done, I'm sure that the sleeves will fly by once I start them. As I rush to finish a pair of socks, I don't think it will be until next week that I get back to this sweater.

My goal is to wear this on Thanksgiving Day. I think the colors are perfect for the holiday.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Hanging in There

Just checking in to let you know I haven't given up. As a matter of fact, I have about 6 more rows of the yoke left before I begin the ribbing. Since I am knitting this in the round, I will only have the under arms to seam.

I was nearing the end of a certification course when we began this KAL. I took two classes concurrently and finished up last Saturday. I know many of you work, attend school, parent children and pets...... We sneak in the knitting when we can. I don't know about you but is sure helps to keep me grounded.

Thanks for sharing your progress and beautiful sweaters. It is inspiring.


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Seamed and blocked...

but I'm blocking again. Those 2 small rows of ribbing have it hard competing with so much stockinette!

Here are the best pictures I could get considering the sad, grey, rainy skies we're having today!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I'm around halfway done with the sleeves so far. I decided on the "wheat" to go up the sleeve. I also didn't do the ribbing as high as the instructions. I like pushing my sleeves up sometimes and don't like having something too tight when I do. We're having a couple more days of warm-ish weather so hopefully I'll get this done soon.

Saturday, October 13, 2007


So very close to finished!! I finally got the yoke working right for me - luckily I only had to rip it back once. I ended up switching needle sizes at the start of the yoke, then going down in size as recommended from there. I also started working decreases every other, or every third row for the last two inches. My yoke ended up being 7 and a half inches, including 3/4" ribbing and bind off.

I am going to take the suggestion of Nea to knit ribbing down from the bottom, because I really don't like how it's rolling up at the bottom, and also I think I'd just like the sweater a bit longer - it gets cold here in Montreal, but I think I'll be set for winter with this!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Finally Completed the Back

This has been a slow moving project for me, but I can honestly say that it's not the complexity of the pattern. Work & life have once again interfered with my knitting plans.

Having completed the back, the project doesn't seem so gigantic anymore. It loomed over me because I had misread the cabling and had done it incorrectly. I did not want to rip it out. The perfectionist in me finally won, and now the cables look as they should.

I love the way the cables look in this yarn.

Sunday, October 7, 2007


I've already posted this on my own blog, but here's a picture (thanks to my Mac) of my sweater pre-seaming. Hoping to finish up the seaming tonight!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Still trudging along

Well, here is a picture of what I have so far. I haven't decided what style I want the sleeves yet, but I still have a little time. I am looking forward to being able to wear this one since the yarn just feel wonderful. I am quite sure I'll be using it on other projects in the future.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Finally starting!!

My yarn and new needles from KnitPicks finally arrived and I have just swatched!

I really like the yarn so far, and how soft it is. This is my first time using needles from KnitPicks and I Love them! They are so amazing and wonderful to knit with - I'm going to go cast on now!

(and I think blogger just ate my post, so if this posts twice I'm sorry)

Saturday, September 22, 2007

I'm Done!

I loved this pattern. The yarn (Lion Brand Cotton Ease) was okay but I like the fact that it isn't a wool sweater.

Finished WECY

I made several modifications by working it in the round but with flat sleeves, which made me conquer my fear of seaming (which turned out great by the way).
When I first did the yoke it came out way too long and it didn't fit right so I ripped it back and switched needles at 3 inches while placing a decrease row every other row. So the yoke turned out to be 5 inches long not counting the ribbing.
I also unpicked my cast on edge and worked a 1x1 rib for 7 rows to make it stay flat and not curl up in the back.

This was a fun KAL and I'm so happy to have finished a sweater that I can wear.


Slow progress...

I wanted to start out by saying that this is my first Knit-A-Long, and so far I love it! It's so reassuring to come and see everyone else's progress, and it really inspires you not to give up when you get frustrated with it.

I have the front and back pieces of the sweater finished, and I'm working on the sleeves. I'm going to take someone else's suggestion and knit them both at the same time on a circular needle (GREAT IDEA!). Looking forward to seeing how it turns out for everyone else!

I tried to get a close up of the cabled portion, but it's difficult to do so ... maybe once the pieces are seamed together it will show up more clearly. :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

front [almost] complete

The front of my WECY is almost complete... I just have to do the 4 rows of decreases for the armholes... but, of course, it looks exactly like the back, so no need for another picture of the same thing!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I have finished the body to the point where I would add the sleeves. This is the second time I have knit this %#@! Not sure what happened the first time but after I knit about 9 inches or so it became apparent that it would fit a Volkswagen. I altered the pattern and am pleased with the fit so far. I have about 8 inches of the sleeves completed. I am knitting them the same way I knit socks: 2 at a time on one circular needle.

Friday, September 14, 2007

First Rows

I'll admit that I've been distracted by other projects, but I formally started my WECY yesterday. I'm having a hard time staying away from this project. Not only am I drawn to the colors, but the yarn glides off my needles effortlessly and feels wonderful.

I'm on row 32, & counting!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Hello Everyone!

I just joined, and am very excited! This is my first sweater so hopefully this will go well. When I saw the magazine in my LYS I bought it just for this sweater. I'm going to go shopping for yarn tomorrow and see what I find. I'm hoping to knit this in the round so I can avoid seams. Any starting hints would be greatly appreciated, thanks and good knitting times to all!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Back complete!

I'm done the back!!! Wohooo! I'm not sure that the Baruffa Merinos Sei was the perfect substitute yarn for this sweater, but it's doing ok. Even though I swatched, and my stitch gauge was good, the row gauge must be a bit off because it's way longer than called for. When I finished the increases and it says to work even until it is 14.25" (for the smallest size) from cast-on it was already 15" or so.... so I immediately went to the cabling. However, I'm happy that it's a bit longer because I have a fairly long torso and don't like when sweaters don't overlap at least a bit with whatever jeans, etc that I'm wearing. Maybe that's the Canadian in me, but I just don't get short sweaters.

Anyway, to the pictures!

I tried to get a picture of the cabling up-close, which is not very easy to do when trying to hold it stretched out and take the picture with your other hand....

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

At the Starting Gate

Because winding 1100 yards of this yarn was a big effort, all I managed to do on the first day was to wind it (with a lot of help) and knit the swatch.

I usually go down 2 needle sizes to get gauge on most patterns, but I had to go down 3. I will be knitting the majority of this sweater on US 5's.

I'm encouraged by the short pooling of this yarn, and have no doubt that I will love this pattern with this variegated yarn. Based on my swatch, I believe my sweater will look like this one and that the patterning will not be too obscured.

I do love how it feels against my skin.

cast on!

Well, there it is! I've cast on. I've decided to stay true to the original design of working the back and front separately... which I may or may not regret later!

Also, I've finally gotten my invite to ravelry, which means that I may not be knitting so much as sorting through all my wips, FOs, stash, etc. Look me up: gradskoolknitter

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Hi all,

I haven't forgotten about this KAL, and I'm still super excited about the sweater, so I'm hoping to swatch and cast on this coming weekend!!! I just have to finish up the sweater I'm currently working on (not that I'm anti-multiple WIPs or anything, I just have this need to finish the other sweater) and then I'll cast on the WECY.

Looking forward to seeing everyone's progress and completed sweaters!

Monday, September 3, 2007


Hi everyone!

I just thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Jenn. I'm a college student who learned to knit this summer and I'm already obsessed. This sweater will be my second (first is still in progress) and I plan to knit it with Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk DK in a cream color.

I can't wait! I'll be swatching tomorrow before class!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

I may have started before the starting date...

And here's the proof:
Cable Yoke body

I've been knitting it in the round with a few mods that I've mentioned on my blog.

So far the main body is done and I'm currently working on the first sleeve.

I've been using Lion Brand Cotton Ease and so far I've liked it. Hopefully that means I can get more use out of it rather than just the two months where it actually feels like winter.

Anyway I'm happy to be part of this KAL and I can't wait to see how everyone else's sweaters knit up.


Saturday, September 1, 2007

Yay! I finally got to start!

I began as early today as I could (after all the running around). I figured out where to place the "extra" parts of the cables and will have to remember to add the extra stitches later. (The beginning of the yoke starts as 95 stitches and ends as 102 stitches for my size.) Here are a couple pictures. The red dots are the "wheat stalks" while the blue dots are the "twist" -

I hope everyone can see those.

I have to say that I love this yarn so far. It is the KnitPicks Super Swish in Indigo. It feels soft throught my fingers and drapes gently so far. I am looking forward to having a larger section done so I can tell better.

Good Luck to everyone!

I Swatched * I loved It * I Cast On

Hello from hot, hot California where I am thinking that I must be more than a little nuts to start a sweater on a day that will be well over 100 degrees. The bright side is that my sweater is proof that Fall and Winter will really come!

I am knitting my sweater with Debbie Bliss Alpaca/Silk. It is a really pretty deep plum color. This yarn is soooo yummy! I am knitting mine in the round from the bottom up. I did not change the number of stitches to cast on. When I do the math with my gauge, it still comes out as the published size small. I want it snug and a little higher up on the shoulders. Haven't decided how I will do that yet. I knit my first two rows with Knit, Purl in the back loop.

I can't wait to see how the rest of us are doing.


Friday, August 31, 2007

Knitty Time!

Happy Knitalong Eve everyone!

Hope you are all getting your needles and yarn ready for our KAL that starts tomorrow! I'll be using some Karabella Aurora 8 that I bought recently for my stash in a pretty cream color. I'm a bit behind though since I've still got to swatch :)

I know a lot of you are considering knitting this in the round and I've been doing some searching for information that might be helpful in converting the pattern from flat to circular knitting. Most of what I'm seeing has been like this post here. I did find one other post in another spot that was slightly different, but it has eluded me and of course I was at work and didn't write down the url for reference. Basically, it stated that flat knitting accounts for seaming and extra ease and when you convert to knitting in the round, you should take some of those side stitches out to get it to fit properly. I haven't seen this anywhere else, so I don't know how accurate it is, but thought I'd put it out there in case someone else has heard of it or might consider this when changing the pattern. My guess is, that it would probably work either way. If anyone else has any useful advice or has come across any other pertinent info on the subject, please feel free to share!! I also heard a rumor that Kasia might be working on a top-down version (no pressure though K.!). Can't wait to see that!

And I also can't wait to see everyone's knits as they work up! Have fun and get ready for a fun KAL!


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

neckline modification?

I want to knit a higher neckline on this sweater but am nervous about the whole business. I wish that weren't the last thing to knit--I will have to knit the entire sweater before finding out if the modification works or not. My thought is to simply continue knitting and decreasing in pattern using the smallest needle size Has anyone else tried this?

Dallas TX

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Hopefully you all can bear with me and help me out some...

I know that for a good yarn I'm going to pay, but I don't want to break the bank. I have been looking for yarns in the same gauge and found some on Elann... This one and this one... anyone ever used either? In your opinions, do you think they would be an ok substitute?

Also, I see mention of some of you knitting this in the round. Is there an easy way to calculate cast on stitches I would need?

Thanks, and I'm glad to be here!

Karen LG

Friday, August 17, 2007

Why Is the Color Always So Different?

On the site this very much looked like gray with a blue overcast, but as you can see it is olive/khaki/drab...I like it, but I was trying to move away from green, LOL. I guess my chief complaint would be that manufacturers name yarns numbers rather than colors....I would not even be opposed to a family name and number, say olive 898....oh well, it is lovely yarn and I will cast on next week to see if it will work. I seldom swatch, just jump right in.....but I think I may as I am planning to knit the body in the round.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


I'm getting excited that this KAL is going to start soon, so I decided to swatch. I am using Brooks Farm Solana, their new superwash wool, which is more like Aran than worsted weight. I tend to be a "loose knitter" so I got gauge on size 6 needles. I am in love with this yarn! It is more of a teal green color than it looks like in the picture, even though I put it in natural light to try to show the true color.


I was re-reading the pattern, and there's absolutely no reason not to knit this in the round. The back and front are the same, and placed on holders at the end, so it will only make it easier if it's knit in the round. Easy as pie - just double the amount of stitches cast on and do every row twice instead of once. I'll have to check the pattern to see which purls/knits might need to be adjusted, but I would think that should be easy to tell too.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Ta da! I can't believe I knitted this!

I knitted it in Austermann Bambou Soft in Burgundy (color 019).
I am not an experienced knitter; I started knitting about 18 months ago, this is my second sweater, the first one was a plain stockinette short sleeve top-down.
As I mentioned before, if I were to do it again, I would knit it in the round.
If you knit in the round, be sure to mark the 'seams' clearly before you start the cable part.
I knit them all flat and sliped the first stitch in each row; I think that was a big mistake too. Since each one of the slipped stitches spans two rows, figuring out the horizontal bars to pickup for the seam was difficult. I later read somewhere that if the edge is going to be stitched together, then one should not slip the first stitches.
The cable part was quite easy and fun to do, I practiced a few repeats on my swatch.
All said and done, I think this was a great learning experience and a very satisfying one too.
If someone had told me two years ago that I will be knitting the sweater on the cover of IK, I would have just laughed :)
If you have any questions send me e-mail, I'll be happy to answer.

One Thing I Know For Sure

is that this will be the yarn I'm using for the sweater:

RYC Cashsoft DK in Clementine. I had originally planned on using this for a pattern from "Knitting Nature", by Norah Gaughan, but decided I really didn't want to do a complete cabled sweater right now. (I already have one on the needles.) Anyway, I did get gauge with this yarn and I did knit up to the yoke, but the yarn doesn't look too great on US 8's. The gauge called for US 6's on the ball band, so...I will be knitting the sweater on 6's. The problem? I need to modify the pattern to get the right size. I'll start tonight and see where it takes me!


My yarn is on it's way from Knit Picks - Wool of the Andes in Amethyst Heather and I'm pretty excited to get it and start swatching.

I have two questions for those that are going to be knitting this.

The way the sweater is constructed, is anyone going to be knitting in the round? I'm really thinking that it would be easier to do this way, rather than knit the pieces separately and then join for the yoke. It would be easy enough to convert.

My second question is, will anyone be starting the yoke patterning down further? I'm a little on the busty side and a line right across isn't exactly ideal for me. Do you think it would be possible to start it sooner? I figure that the easiest way to do this would be to knit it in the round so I know when to start it. Thoughts?


Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I finished the sweater a few days ago, and it is being blocked right now.

Yarn: Austermann Bambou Soft (65% merino, 35% bamboo)
Finished size: 35"

I followd the instructions and knitted the front and back separate and joined them with the sleeves at the yoke; then I cursed myself while I did the seam for not having knitted the body as a tube.
The seams are especially hard to do with this one because the pieces cannot be blocked before seaming since they are all joined together at the yoke. So I had to deal with the annoying edges.

I added some short-row shaping at the bust (10 rows I think) in the front, and then added 4 rows at the neck for the back.

I'll post some FO photos soon.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Schaefer Marjaana

Thank you for letting me join this knitalong. This will be my second KAL, but the first in which I start in the beginning line with everyone else.

I recently bought the Summer IK issue, and was drawn to this pattern. To my delight, I have enough yarn in my stash to make this sweater. I'll be using Schaefer's Marjaana, a silk-merino blend. DH gave me this yarn 3 years ago for Christmas, and I've been waiting for the right pattern since then.

I'm looking forward to wearing this sweater against my skin.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Cascade Pima Silk

OK I followed the link to WEBS(I have ordered there many times and live a afew hours away) and ordered the Cascade Pima Silk. I wanted to do this quickly as I am on a yarn diet starting August 15 through October, way too much yarn, LOL. I ordered this colorway...

It seems to have a slight turquoise overcast, which I found to be pretty.

Thanks for Letting Me Join In

Hi All
Long time knitter here, I will be substituting yarn for the sweater just haven't decided what yet, I am narrowed down to 4 choices, LOL.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Ok, Webs is having an end-of-summer sale and they have several worsted weight yarns for a good price (what enabling? where?). I'm trying to decide what to get, if anything, for this project. I may opt for KP or Elan.

So, what yarn have you chosen? And what color?

I have a lot of teal, dark denim blue and pink in my stash, so I'm trying to branch out, but not too I'm being a bit of a cheater by asking what colors everyone else is doing. Hehe.

(Also hi! I can't remember if I've introduced myself or not, sorry. I'm Melanie from Lotus Knits, and I'm excited about this KAL because I LOVE this sweater!!)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Questions for Advanced Knitters

Hi folks! When I saw this sweater on the cover of IK, I immeadiately thought, "I want to make this but it's way too hard for me." Well, I mustered up my courage and I think I'm ready for the challenge.

Up to now I have only knit things in the round (hats, socks, one sweater). I love knitting in the round, I think it's elegant and efficient; it appeals to my sense of aesthetic as well as my fear of seams. So it is with trepidation that I approach this sweater. I looked at the instructions, and it seems that the sweater is knit flat, from the bottom up, in 4 pieces: front, back, and 2 sleeves. Then, at some point near the top all of the pieces are joined together on one big circular needle and the remainder of the sweater is knit in the round to the collar. The last step is (yikes!) sewing up 4 seams (front to back x 2, sleeves x2). Do I have this right?

Couple of questions for you advanced knitters:
1. What is the best cast-on for this sweater?
2. What is the best way to knit the individual pieces so that they can be invisibly seamed together? Should I just knit across each row to the end, turn, and purl back? Or should I slip the first stitch on each row like I was taught to do with heel flaps on socks?
3. It seems disadvantageous to knit the front and back separately and them seam them up. Can I flagrantly disregard the instructions and knit the body in the round, or will I just be getting myself into trouble?

I can't wait to get the yarn for this one...I'm thinking bamboo. I'm also planning on doing 3/4 length sleeves and a slllightly shorter torso to make this more of a spring/fall sweater. Thanks for being my yoda! I look forward to hearing all your words of wisdom.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Substituting Yarn

Maryanne advertised me so well, but I am not sure if what I have to say is really so inventive. I am the kind of knitter who, first of all, can't follow the pattern (because I always have to change the neckline, shorten or prolong something) and second I never in my life used the yarn suggested in the pattern. Mostly because I always knitted from German/English publications and the yarns mentioned there weren't available in Poland or in Switzerland. So, substituting yarn became rather essential to my knitting. The simplest method I use is first to check what kind of yarn is required - the most important is how thick your knitting needles should be. Then check how many yards or meters you need. Now, if a pattern calls for yarn which requires needles size 4 (4mm, sorry have no idea about the American system- Maryanne, if you can tell better, please edit me!) you can easily go with another yarn requiring the same size or one size bigger or smaller. All depends on what effect you want to achieve. Let's say that a pattern suggests merino, but for some reason you don't like wool or just want a lighter sweater: you can easily pick up cotton (for a smooth and tight fit) or cotton/viscose, cotton/silk (for a more glossy look) or any other blend of yarn (even the sale yarn, because it's cheap and looks fab!) as long as the size of needles stays the same. Again, you have to know your knitting: if you knit loose, you might check for needles a size smaller, in order to keep to get your chosen garment to look as you want. If you knit tight (like I do), think about using bigger needles, otherwise your garment will be stiff and tight. Keeping the size of the needles is as well rather useful with counting the yardage. Recently I learned to buy yarn not by skeins (as most of the European magazines call for) but by yardage, and it always works! No more 1-2 skein rests, with which one has no idea what to do! So if the pattern says 1000y and your gauge is close to the pattern's gauge, you will probably need 1000y of the substituted yarn. I usually allow myself 100-200y extra, but again: I am paranoid and very careful. Plus, with the yarn delivery in this strange country it's always better to have one skein extra. If your gauge is bigger you should probably anyway decide to have 200y more.
Of course, depending on what blend you use, your knit will look different. For instance, I am working right now on the Puff Cardigan from "Fitted Knits". The pattern called for merino, but I didn't have any in the stash and didn't feel like spending extra money on this project. I had some nice cotton, which as well was to be knitted on the needles size 4-4,5mm. Knowing me and knitting from this kind of yarn (which is weaved from 7 thin cotton threads and then twisted into a loose kind of cord, so it splits like hell... but it has a lovely matt-gloss look and an adorable colour) I decided for needles size 4. The cardigan on the picture in the book looks rather tightly knitted, and it gives me the impression of being almost felted. But my cotton gave extra dimension to the knits. The seed stitch looks almost like beaded and the whole knit seems to be more decorative, almost decadent.
As some of you might know I knitted two different versions of Lelah: one in cotton and one in poly blend. And believe me or not, they look completely different. The one from cotton is slightly too big in the boob area, but it's because I didn't trust the pattern. The poly one is my absolute favourite, because it as well wears better than this particular cotton yarn.
When you substitute yarn, you have to make sure that your gauge is right. I never start work without making a swatch or two (with needles of two different sizes, to compare which I like better). Like that one can easily count the stitches required for the particular project. (I know I am not telling anything new). I usually cast on 20 stiches for my swatch (sometimes more, depending on what the label says). Now: if your garment is knitted in stockinette you should knit the swatch in stockinette (but if it's patterned, then better make a swatch in the pattern you will knit in, and a stockinette to make sure it's not too loose). I am a lazy swatcher and keep it short, usually about 20 rows. Then measure how many inches/centimeters you get in those 20s. And now it gets very mathy: let's say that your 20s=12cm/4.72 inches, but the pattern says you need 48cm/18.9inch. Here you count like that: 20 times 48=960, 960 divided by 12=80 stitches (20 times 18.9 = 378, 378 divided by 4.72 = 80 stitches). So that's the amount of stitches which you need to obtain the gauge. But again, some patterns call for a particular amount of stitches to keep the repeats of the pattern. So, if our gauge is 80 stitches but we have to work on the pattern which repeats over 13stitches, then: 80 divided by 13 = 6,2 repeats, so round it up to 7 repeats (so that the garment wouldn't be too tight) and that gives you 13 times 7 = 91 stitches. Does it make sense?
I know, ladies, that probably all of you knew this stuff already, so I hope that I haven't bored you to death!
Happy Knitting!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sweater Specifics

I had a request from Rhonda to provide a little more information about the Wheat Ear Cable Yoke Sweater as far as finished measurements for the various sizes, as well as yarns and yardage and possible substitutions. I will do my very best to answer her question and provide you all with the information, but if any of you notice a mistake or have more enlightening information to add to this subject, please feel free to post what you've got! It will be much appreciated!

The 4 sizes listed are: 35 (40, 45, 50) inch finished bust circumference.

Here is a diagram of the other finished dimensions of the sweater that may help you decide which size to make (hopefully the FBI and Interweave won't arrest me in the middle of the night for posting it):

If anyone needs the sleeve circumference measurements, just send me an e-mail and I'll get those to you (I don't usually use Blogger so I had to wrestle with getting the image formatted to fit properly and after about 20 tries and a few not-so-nice words, I settled on this one and called it good!).

The yarn called for is Tahki Torino (100% extra fine merino; 94 yd [86m]/50g): 10 (12, 14, 16) balls. (940 yds, 1128, 1316, 1504) (metric: 860 m, 1032, 1204, 1376).

According to WEBS this yarn is considered worsted weight with a gauge of 4.5 sts = 1" on size 8 needles (metric: 4.5 sts = 2.54 cm on size 5.0 mm needles). So probably any worsted weight yarn would work. I have to admit that I'm not the best at substituting yarns, so if anyone has any great options they'd like to share, I would really appreciate it! Kasia is also the Queen of substituting yarn, so maybe she can do a post to talk about that - I'll ask her :)

Anyway, hope that helps Rhonda, and whomever else may have had questions about the sizing that has not purchased their pattern or yarn yet.

Happy Knitting!


Thanks so much to Ms. Lindz and Kasia for making some lovely buttons for our KAL! I've posted them (finally!) in the sidebar for your use. Please save them to your own computer before using them on your blog. If you have any questions about how to post the buttons and link them to the KAL site, please feel free to contact me (knittymugginsATyahooDOTcom) or Kasia (ladymorgianaATgmailDOTcom) and we'll do our best to help you get set up. Anyone else who may feel like making buttons, please feel free to do so and if you e-mail them to either Kasia or me, we'll get them posted in the sidebar. Thanks everyone and enjoy!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Oregon Coast Colorway-Knit Picks Yarn

Thought I would post what I've done so far on the sweater. Just as soon as I get the underarm section done on this I'm going to put it away until closer to September....I know I jumped ahead but I just had to see how this yarn looks with the pattern. The yarn is so soft and light so it will be perfect for Winter here in the South!!

Having Yarn Issues

Okay, so I'll introduce myself first then get to the yarn problems. My name is Maddie, I've been knitting for about a year and a half and this will be my first long sleeve sweater. Anyways, to my yarn dilemma. I am on quite a budget [ I'm home from college for the summer and am just barely scraping by ] so I was hoping for a nice, inexpensive yarn to use for this project. Knit Picks Swish Superwash in Dublin:

It's the same gauge and everything, plus it's nice and inexpensive [ $3.29 ] a skein. Anyways, just let me know what you guys think -- I'm very indecisive and have a really hard time making up my mind without some opinions. Thanks in advance guys =)

My first KAL!

Hi all!

This is my first KAL... I'm really excited about this project. I bought the supplies and magazine almost 2 months ago but I've been busy with other WIPs and birthday presents, etc. September is going to be pretty much the perfect time for me to start this project. Below are pictures of the supplies I bought (minus the Rowan Denim which has been used to make the baby pants from LMKGs for a friend). There's also a close up on the yarn which is 7 skeins of Baruffa Merinos Sei in colour 42000 (sort of a charcoal grey). Baruffa is apparently made by the same company as Trendsetters, at least, that's what they told me at the LYS.

Getting a head start

Hi...thanks for inviting me to this KAL. I love this sweater and knew I was going to make it the day I got my mag. I've already begun (couldn't wait) working on the back section and did a little swatch of the cable pattern as well...couldn't wait to see how that looked either! : ) It's working up very nicely in Knit Pick's Shadow, two strands, 100% Merino, and I am using the Oregon Coast colorway.
I'm looking foreward to getting to know all of the participants and seeing your work as well!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Always too late ;)

Hi Everybody!
khmm khmm... the one who is supposed to be co-hostess is like always the last to introduce herself... oh well..
My name is Kasia(you can find me here and together with Maryanne we are hosting this KAL. It's so lovely to see so many of you here and I hope that there will be more to come! Thanks all for being here and again big thanks for Maryanne for setting everything up!

Monday, July 9, 2007


Hey all. My name's Maddie. I have a blog [ here ] and I LOVE IK! I can't wait to get started on this project. But I really do have to decide what yarn to use for it! Any ideas? I never like to stick to what they recommend in the mag -- for whatever reason, maybe I like being rebellious! haha. Anyways, I just wanted to put a quick little introduction in here. Take care everyone!


Hello everyone,
I am so glad to be invited to this knit along. I love the sweater. I am thiking of maybe using the cotlin from knitpicks.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Intro and a Yarn Sub Idea!

Hello - I'm Robin and I've gotten to know Maryanne through a number of KALs - Fitted Knits, the Sexy Knitters Club and most recently, Knitting Lingerie Style! Looking forward to get to know Kasia and my fellow joiners(I know I'm early.)

After Maryanne told me about this KAL, I started thinking about it more and more, and then about yarns that could work well for this great pattern. I was thinking of using my Tess Designer Yarns "Silk and Ivory" for this - I think the cinnamon color might look nice for this. Thoughts?

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Friday, June 29, 2007

Welcome to our knitalong!

Hello everyone!

Kasia and I thought it would be fun to do a knitalong for this gorgeous sweater that was on the front of the Summer 2007 Interweave Knits. We are looking at starting the KAL on September 1st, when the weather starts to cool a bit, and would love to have anybody who's interested join us in knitting this beautiful sweater. We're posting early so people have time to get their supplies and buy the magazine if they don't already have it. At this point there isn't a deadline as far as finishing the sweater and we can have the KAL continue as long as there is interest in it. Also, if you have already started the sweater and would like to post here, you are more than welcome to! Thanks for stopping by and we do hope you'll join us for a fun time chatting, knitting, and posting everyone's lovely FO's and WIP's! Stay tuned for updates.....

Happy Knitting,